Never Stood A Chance

Had I known the truth

I never would have said yes.

I had not yet been exposed to you,

And your treachery and deception.

I was naïve and I was young.

I was merely myself.

Had I known I didn’t stand a chance

Against your charms,

I never would have agreed to take you on.

I was merely a child playing at things bigger than I.

I was out of my league,

And you

Oh, you.

For you, it was child’s play.

I never stood a chance.


If I Know How The World Is Going To End

If I know how the world is going to end,

Am I bound to tell you?

Is it somehow considered my responsibility to save it?

Or is it acceptable for me to keep it to myself?

Is it in my hands to save every soul on the planet?

Or is it okay for me to die alongside everyone else?

Will I be blamed for the destruction of the world if I know but don’t tell?

Or thanked for not allowing others to suffer at the thought of something they would be powerless to stop?

I know how the world will end,

I just don’t know where to go from here.

A Cross I Am Bound To Carry

“All of us are surrounded by ghosts. Now we must learn how to live with them.”

-Testament of Youth

A Cross I Am Bound To Carry


Their blood is my blood.

Their tears are my tears.

Their pain is my pain.

Their sorrow is my sorrow.

All they were and all they could have been is mine to bear.

Mine to keep.

Mine to remember.

It is a cross I am bound to carry by the blood they spilled on my hands,

The tears they cried on my shoulder,

The pain they felt by my hand,

The sorrows they whispered in my ear.

It is all mine to bear

And mine alone.

To Forget Or To Bear

I cannot begin to understand,

Even now,

Whether it is our duty

As the ones left behind,

To remember the dead

Or forget about them.

To remember their smiles,

Their laughs, their voices.

Or to forget their tears,

Their pain, their screams.

Because we cannot simply remember one

But not the other.

They blend together, smiles turn into tears,

Laughter into pain, voices into screams.

So do we choose to forget them altogether,

Or bear with them not only the beautiful,

But the dark as well?

I cannot, for the life of me, begin to understand.

When I Wasn’t There


It was my job to keep him safe.

My job to keep him as he was.

And yet he’s gone from this world,

And left a completely different person behind.

He grew up when I wasn’t looking,

When I wasn’t there.

I saved him once,

He survived by my hand.

And yet less than a year later,

Death had once again paid him a visit.

I wasn’t there that time.

So now not only do I not have him,

I also don’t have a job to keep me sane no more.

Yet I lay here where he died,

And watch over his grave.

I’m keeping him safe,

Even though he left so long ago.

I’m doing my best,

Too little too late.