Puppet Master

I need to tell someone,

I need to open my mouth

And tell you,

A stranger,

What goes through my mind.

I am just as they are;

I am no worse and no better than them.

We were born the same way

And shall die the same.

Yet it is the in-between where the problem lies,

Where our differences begin to show.

Someone else dictates my life,

Someone else pulls my strings.

I am but a mere puppet with no control of my limbs.

My friends were born without strings,

While mine have been pulled on

Since I was just eight years old.

I had no choice in the matter

Yet the strings are impossible to cut.

For if I do so, it means certain death,

And so I dangle from my strings as I dream of pulling free.

My strings mean uncertainty and misery

For I know not when they will be cut,

And yet being cut free

Is a thing of nightmares for me.

So I dangle, and dangle, and dangle on

Hoping for someone to take pity on me

And steal me away from my puppet master.

It is all I can do to not live my life

Thinking of the strings.


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