Blue Stone

I could easily say

That it is as blue as your eyes,

As sharp as your wit,

As cool as your smile.

But let’s be honest here,

It is as dry as your humor,

As tainted as your past,

As light as your attitude.


This keychain you gifted me

Brings back memories.

Good memories

Of our last trip together to the beach,

Of hanging out till late at night,

Of the unmentionable instance of running away from security

(I blame that on you).


But mostly?

It reminds me of how

You had my back

Every single time,

And how I’m afraid

I can no longer return the favor.


And so I look at the swirls

And I look at the curves

That were carved into the stone,

And I see you,

With your crooked smile

And obnoxious laugh


And I can’t help

But hold it



Until I get to see you again.


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