Into The Crowd

There are many things in my life,

My darling, that I regret. Little things,

Mostly, but there are

Quite a lot of them.

I am not sure why, but

As I lay dying,

Only one came to mind.

There was no white light, no

Heavenly voice. Instead

There was only you, my darling.

All I could see was you walking

Away from me. Yet I could do

Nothing more, my darling, than

Watch you disappear into the crowd.

My darling, oh how I wanted to go

After you, beg you to take me back.

I don’t think there has ever been

Anything I wanted like that. And yet…

And yet, my darling, I truly did

Believe, that it was best for you to leave my

Life. I still do, but as I lay dying…

All I see is you, my darling, disappearing into the crowd.


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