The Scythe Of Death

I can see it, my darling,

Even from far away.

The Scythe Of Death coming my way

With every breath I take.

I call out your name, my darling,

To see you one last time,

Yet I doubt you can hear me

From as far as you are.

It’s getting closer, my darling,

So close I can touch its blade.

I am petrified to move,

Because I know it will be my end.

I close my eyes just to see your face,

Because, oh, my darling, how I need you now.

I don’t open my eyes,

Terrified of what I’ll see.

And so, my darling, I think of you,

As I hear that one final swoosh.

I don’t open my eyes again, my darling,

But that is okay, because I am closer to you now

Than I was at the beginning of the day.


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