The Generation of Perfection

They were the generation of perfection, saviors of the world.

From the beginning, they were burdened by the transgressions their predecessors mocked. They lived in a world, a world of flames and pain; they knew nothing else than killing and betrayal. They were seen as bereft, a mistake of the embossed, yet still used for wars that could not be stopped.

They grew up in madness, so madness they became, never knowing anything other than regret.

They were used to fix a world, a world they did not break, and pay for their ancestors’ mistakes. That was what was expected of them, but yet their warriors were amidst the destruction, their healers were correcting the others’ mistakes, their scholars’ minds were being poisoned, and their guardians casted out. They were stripped of it all, stripped to their very core. They were being made to fight the wrong war.

Yet against all odds, they broke through the lies. They saw the pain they caused and turned it all around. Their warriors put down their guns and picked up the fallen, their healers cured the world of madness and disease, their scholars shared their knowledge and skills, and their guardians protected the world against the lies of the sick.

They were given a world of chaos, one of madness and flames, yet against all odds, turned it into one without despair.

No needless wars were fought, no sickness was spread, lies were no longer told, no soul in need ignored. They turned their world of pain and death into one of innovation and creation.

They were the generation of perfection, saviors of the world.


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