A Boy Of Seventeen

A boy of seventeen

In a Mickey Mouse shirt,

With his whole life ahead of him,

He didn’t know he had it all.

He was supposed to go to college,

But joined the army instead,

And as his friends worried about grades,

He learned to handle grenades.

He learned to shoot a gun,

And trained in gas chambers.

He marched day in

And he marched day out.

He couldn’t talk to anyone,

He had to send letters instead

And without even realizing it,

He soon forgot his friends.

Their voices went first,

Then the little details,

Ones like favorite songs

And favorite foods.

Then their eyes, then their mouth,

And little by little,

All that was left

Were blank spaces.

And as bullets rained down on him,

And he tried to recall

His best friend’s voice,

He found himself

Hit with a wave of despair

After realizing that

He could not even remember his face.

And so the now eighteen year old boy

In a Mickey Mouse shirt

Laid down his weapon

And decided

It was time to go home.


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