A Peek at the Depersonalized Perception

Ideas Worth Remembering

Many things in life occur or develop at an undetectably slow pace; for instance, the rotation of the earth or the growth of human hair. In this case, however, we are talking the onset of a dissociative disorder.

Do me a favor. Imagine having cotton balls stuffed in your ears. Now imagine your skin sensitivity being half of what it normally is; like you’re made of plastic. Now, bite into an apple and imagine the intensity of the taste being decreased, like your tongue has forgotten how to taste. You close your eyes and struggle to distinguish what you taste as an apple.

Now think about where you feel is your body’s “center.” Where in your body do you identify as your core sense of self? Most people will point to the spot between the lungs, above the belly and bellow the chest. Or perhaps they identify their “self” as…

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