Third Year

I was watching Harry Potter when I wrote this, to be honest, I’m not sure why I wrote this. Just putting that out there.

“Avery! Hurry up; we’re going to be late!” Sawyer scolded me the second I walked out of the third year’s dormitory in our Demon Hunter’s Academy.

“Calm down, it’s not the end of the world” I scoffed with a roll of my eyes, but to our Illusions and Potions Professor, Solis, it probably was. Solis was not only very extract about tardiness, but he was also very creepy, even for a Demon Hunter. He was tall with dark eyes and dark hair, but he was extremely pallor. I still couldn’t believe he was related to Professor Sombra, our first year demonology teacher.

In the first two years in the D.H. Academy we were taught demonology, some basic rituals, and World Species, among other things. We weren’t taught exorcisms until third year, along with Illusions and Potions. And if the rumors were true, then next year we would get to work side-by-side with a soothsayer and a warlock. I couldn’t wait for fourth year!

Right now we were headed to our Illusions and Potions class.

Sawyer roller his eyes as well but otherwise ignored my comment.

We rushed to class and were relieved to notice we had arrived on time, since Professor Solis was not here yet.

The other students were all either studying, talking, or mixing some of the potions on the shelves creating sparks that flew all around the room, and smoke that curled around itself before transforming into shadows and disappearing in the bright room.

I looked around and spotted Brady, who had been my friend since first year, sitting on a corner. He was swatting his hands all around when the sparks came too close for his liking. I dragged Sawyer to the empty seats next to Brady, who had an open book resting on his lap, and plumped down next to him. He would be one to be studying.


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