Shadows of the Past

I could see things, things no one else could.

I could see dreams, dreams that had been long forgotten, given up for the harsh reality we now live in.

I could see people’s hopes and wishes, their deepest desires.

Once, they had been their wholes lives, but now, now they were nothing.

People walked around, pretending to be happy, pretending to be someone they were not. And for what? To please others? Or themselves?

They only got one life, and they were wasting it.

A woman, about to cross the street. She had a cane in her hand. Her time was running out. She wasn’t happy with her life, she had done nothing she had wanted. She had wanted to be a professional ballerina, not a high school teacher.

A man, walking opposite of the old woman. Cane in hand as well. Both their times closer than they had wished. He had wanted to be a dancer as well, not gone to the army and fight wars. His life, wasted. No real achievements, no real life.

The had both done what they were told, done what they had to try and please others, not taking in consideration their own wishes and desires, their aspirations. Just done what they were told.

They were more alike than they realized, linked closer together by Faith’s doing. They were meant to had done more than they had, but there was no more time left, no more opportunities for them to follow their dreams. Now all they could do was wait, wait for their time to come and hope to do better next time, to follow their dreams and aspirations, and, when the time came, to be more than just shadows, shadows of the past.


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