No One Knew

No one knew.

No one knew how it was for her back home.

She hated it. She just much rather go to school all the time and dreaded when the time to leave came. She hated it.

She hated them.

They made her feel stupid, not good enough.

Never good enough.

They made her feel worthless.

She eyed the knife.

If she wasn’t such a coward, she wouldn’t be here anymore. She would have killed herself years ago.

She’d thought about the many ways she could do it… hanging herself, drowning,  cutting, taking pills, jumping in front of a car, shooting herself. But it always came back to cutting.

Sometimes she even hoped something would happen to her just so they could feel bad about the way they’d treated her her whole damn life.

She just wanted to put an end to it, just wanted it to stop.

She wanted, just for once, to be brave enough to actually do it.  She would only need that bravery once, anyways.

She eyed the knife again.

But she didn’t feel braver than before. She still felt the same.

Slumping back down on her chair, she listened to her parents go on and on, knowing that one day, she would be able to do it. Be able to put an end to this once and for all.


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