Leo and Will~ Black Puppy

So for my class I had to find an ad in the newspaper or online that I found interesting and then create a character outline for the person who placed the ad. Then I had to write a short story with the ad character and another character of my creation. Just wanna say, this was so much fun, I really enjoyed creating these characters. Please read all of it, I promise it will be worth it 🙂

Character 1: Leo

Physical Appearance: He has unruly, shiny black hair, which he usually keeps cropped short, but has lately been putting it off so it is now past his ears. His eyes seem to match the darkness of his hair, but under closer inspection, they reveal to be a dark brown. Both of the aforementioned attributes contrast harshly against his pasty white skin. He turned out to be, much to his displeasure, more on the gangly and awkward side of the physical spectrum (minus the tall part) than anything else, and also vertically challenged, barely reaching 5’4. He tends to wear dark clothes that seem to match his hair (and attitude), and miraculously fit him just right. And of course, he can always be found wearing this trusty, black leather combat boots. He never seems to smile, and when he does, it looks more like a grimace than anything else.

His name is Leo and he is a sardonic 18 years old. He is still a high school student and has no other siblings. His parents aren’t really in the picture, given that they are both prominent doctors and seem to believe that an eighteen year old boy is more than capable of looking after himself. He is a loner both by choice and by his classmates’ choice (although it is mostly his fault), given that he hates people and people seem to hate him back. He just seems to have this holier-than-thou, cynical attitude towards everyone he meets, which seems to come from nothing other than being left alone too much as a kid and having had one too many promises broken. His days involve (ever since he was eight, and far too old to have a live-in nanny—at least in his opinion) waking up at six in the morning, deciding whether he wants to wear the black shirt or the really black shirt, whether he should wear the gray skinny jeans or the gray, really skinny jeans, put on his combat boots, throw on a random, dark colored hoodie (he isn’t really sure he owns anything that’s lighter than a dark brown), grab his black (surprise, surprise) backpack, and start walking towards his school. Everyone seems to move out of his way as he walks down the sidewalk, but that didn’t start until his late middle school years (probably given the fact that a boy donned in black from head to toe is far more adorable when he’s eight and far more threatening and suspicious when he’s eighteen). After he arrives at school, he wanders about, walking up and down the halls until it’s time for class, and then he just sort of drifts to and fro his classes. He eats lunch alone (when he can be bothered to eat) and after school, walks back to his house in a similar manner from his morning walks. From there, he simply does his homework or sits on the curb outside his house, watching cars drive by and shooting the drivers smug (and somewhat evil) looks, enjoying the fact that he leaves them wondering what that was about. Then off to bed he goes. He surprises everyone (even his parents, though they will never admit it) with his straight A average and his 4.0 GPA. Granted, the latter is mostly because he has no friends to spend his free time with, so instead he spends it alternating between studying and walking around aimlessly. He has a reasonless fear of big crowds, though mostly because he feels uncomfortable around so many people, and for some reason, an unfounded mistrust of anyone who’s first name is John, though that might or might not be because of a male nanny he had when he was five, who used to trick Leo into doing his homework by saying he would let him have dessert afterwards but never did (and even if that was the reason, Leo would never admit it). Being alone doesn’t really bother him much anymore, but he does seem to have a soft spot for puppies (especially black ones), and can sometimes (more often than not) be found walking around with one or two homeless, black pups nipping at his ankles. He pretends it annoys him, but it really doesn’t.


Character 2: Will

Physical Appearance: He has white-blonde hair that is barely long enough to tuck behind his ears. He stands tall, taller than most, at 6’2, and his clothes seem to fit him just right. His skin is tan, probably from spending so much time out in the fields, planting and harvesting crops ever since he was a kid. He has a Texan accent, though he looks anything but. His eyes are a light blue, full of life and happiness, even when he should feel everything but. His smile is bright and contagious, and his nose is long, if a little crooked from the time he fell off his horse when he was eight. He tends to go off on tangents and talks far too much than he should, and has been known to be too trusting. It is doubtful he has a single mean bone in his body. He’s friendly—overly so—and it seems as though everyone knew his name.

His name is Will and he is twenty four years old. He attended UTPA and got his degree in Microbiology, but not long after his graduation, his dad passed away, so he had to move back to the farm in which he grew up. Now, he’s in charge of the farm and of taking care of his three younger sisters and two younger brothers, along with his mom, who all live with him. He doesn’t mind the crowded feeling their small farmhouse gives off. He revels in it, actually, having missed the companionship family always offered while he was away at college. His clothes tend to be a little worn, and most of his siblings’ clothes are second hand. Money is more than a little tight, what with so many people living together and only one of them actually working. That is the reason he’s putting so many of his things on sale, trying to earn a little extra cash so he can buy his youngest sister that new dress he saw her eyeballing at the store not too long ago for her birthday. So that is why, after their Labrador, Sammy, had puppies, he placed an ad on the newspaper, and tried to sell all the puppies, no matter how much his siblings cried and begged him not to.


Short story:

“Carter residence, Will speaking,” a voice called out after the second ring.

Leo hesitated, rechecking the number in the newspaper ad.

“Um… Hi—hello. I’m calling about the Labrador puppies ad? The one from the newspaper?” there was silence on the other side of the line. “Did… did I get the wrong number?”

“Oh! No, no, no, sorry. I was nodding. I have a tendency to do that when I’m on the phone. Sorry, everyone tells me and reminds me to stop, but it’s ingrained too deep now for me to do anything about it, ya know? You get used to it after a while, I guess. Or, at least everyone I talk to seems to have done so. Anyway, so the puppies, huh?”

Leo blinked, trying to take in all the stranger had said.

It took him a while.

“Uh… yeah.” He shook his head as if trying to clear it, sending his hair flying from one side to the other, getting it in his eyes and mouth before he brushed it away.

“Well, I put that ad like, a few weeks ago, man. I only have one left, and to be honest, no one else that has come see it has wanted to buy her yet, so I’m not sure you’d want to, either. Might be better off just looking somewhere else.”

“Yeah, I have looked, but all the other ads are way too expensive. Yours was the only puppy I could afford… what’s wrong with her?”

He was met with silence over the line.


“Sorry, my sister was calling me. And nothing’s wrong with her, she was just the runt of the litter. Too big paws, too small body, with huge, dangling ears. Just looks too awkward, I guess.”

Leo considered this. I mean, it wasn’t like he considered himself anything different from that runt, right? A little too awkward, and overlooked constantly.

He made his decision.

“Can I go see her?”

“Hey, it’s your money dude.” Will proceeded to spout off an address, and after writing it down, they agreed to meet the next day around noon.

The following day, three bus rides, over twenty dollars, and two map consultations later, Leo found himself standing on the front porch of a quaint and worn down farm house, with the front lawn littered with toys and gardening tools, all strewn around carelessly.

Leo frowned before moving to knock on the door, but before he could, it opened, and a young man stood behind it, hand frozen on the knob, and blond hair flying everywhere.

“Uh… hi. Can I help you?” the stranger inquired, curiosity shining in his eyes, but a friendly smile adorning his face.

Leo’s frown deepened.

“Puppy,” was all that left the morose teen’s lips, pointing behind the blond where said puppy could be seen strutting about, with four toddlers stumbling after her.

“Yeeeah… that’s a puppy.”

The younger man rolled his eyes, amazed at the other guy’s level of ignorance.

“I’m here to see her,” Leo deadpanned, enunciating carefully.

It was the blond’s—Will’s—turn to frown.

“How did you know…” Leo saw realization flash in Will’s eyes before he continued to speak. “Oh, you’re Leo!”

Said boy resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

“Yes, and you’re Will. Glad we got introductions out of the way. Can I see the puppy now?”

Will nodded and moved out of the way.

“Sure. But… Woah, dude! You’re a kid!”

Leo decided to ignore that comment as he walked past him, making the blond wince after a particularly well aimed kick at his ankle.

Or maybe not.

He didn’t stop walking until he reached the puppy, Will close behind him.

The kids shot him a scrutinizing look before Will shooed them back upstairs, leaving only the two of them in the room, along with the now whimpering puppy.

The now whimpering black puppy.

“I’ll take her.”

Will did a double take as Leo squatted down next to her, scratching her behind the ears.

“Wh… What? But you literally just saw her.”

“It’s my money,” Leo repeated Will’s words from the previous words.

His response was met with raised eyebrows.

“If you say so. Anyway, we haven’t named her yet, so that’s up to you—”

“Hendrix,” Leo interrupted.

“I’m not even surprised,” Will muttered, giving the younger boy a once over.

This time, Leo did roll his eyes.

“I’ll take here. How much is it?”

Will narrowed his eyes.

“Do your parents know?”

The only response was shrugged shoulders.

“Alright then. Well, she’s eighty bucks.”

Leo pulled out four crumpled twenty dollar bills and handed them to Will, glaring all the while.

Will couldn’t help but chuckle at the short, but incredibly unsettling, teen.

“Well, then. You are now the proud owner of Hendrix.”

Will thought it to be incredibly endearing when Leo puffed out his chest, prideful.

“Come on, kid. I’ll give you a ride home.”

“I’m not a kid,” was the automatic response, but Leo picked up Hendrix and followed Will out nonetheless.

“Sure you’re not.”

The door closed behind them with a soft click.


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