Hunting Dragons

We stood next to each other. Completely frozen, staring ahead.

“Don’t. Move.” Dylan whispered, his lips barely moving.

The coal black creature regarded the three kids carefully, its red eyes calculating.

Kyra whimpered.

“One,” Chris said, his voice low.

“Two,” As Kyra said it, the three friends reached for their swords.

“THREE!” as soon as the words were out of Dylan’s mouth, they all rushed forward, trying to reach the dragon.

The dark forest was silent, the only noise was the panting of the kids fighting for their lives.

All around them, the shadows seemed to dance, moving all over, ducking under rocks and behind trees when one of the kids came too close for their liking.

“The fort!” Chris hollered, trying to catch his breath, “we need to reach the fort!”

Both Kyra and Dylan nodded, too exhausted to reply.

They had to hand it to their opponent: it was fast.

Probably one of the fastest ones they had fought all summer.

Whenever they would come near it, it would scurry away, only to come back as soon as they stopped to try and catch their breath.

All of the sudden, something swept Kyra’s feet from under her and down she went. Next thing she knew, the dragon was on top of her, ready to attack.

Its red eyes stared at her, and for a moment, it seemed to smile.

This was it. This was the end. She closed her eyes.

“Kyra! Dylan! Chris!” a distant voice bellowed, “Time for supper!”

Kyra’s eyes snapped open, and her gaze fell on her puppy’s blue eyes.

“Aw, man! We were almost at the fort!” Dylan complained while Chris bent down to remove Kyra’s puppy, Dragon, from her stomach, all three kids coming back to reality.

“We are so coming here again tomorrow.” Kyra informed them after standing up.

She looked around once more, just to make sure.

Yep, no other dragon other than her Dragon anywhere in sight, and the shadows were completely still once again.

“Kyra, come on! My mom will get mad if we’re late again,” Dylan exclaimed.

With a roll of her eyes, Kyra followed her two best friends down the path in the forest that would lead them home.

Definitely the best adventure we’ve had so far, Kyra decided, knowing there were more to come.

They had all summer, after all.


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