Everything Looks The Same

I’m not very good with poetry, but for one of my creative writing classes I had to write a ton of poetry, so I’m going to post my least sucky ones here. Try to be not too judgy, I know they’re weird.

Every wall is painted red,

And all you can see in the fridge is somehow chocolate covered.

His bookshelves are full of mystery,

And his movie collection of horror.

His closet is bursting with sweatpants and graphic tees,

And his shower must be the messiest I’ve ever seen.

There’s take out boxes still on the kitchen table,

And clothes hanging from every doorknob in sight,

And the backs of every chair.

So now that I have come to say goodbye,

I’m surprised to find it all the same.

Everything is in exactly the same place

Where he left it the day he died,

And for a few seconds

It’s as if though he never left.

As though he never got inside that car,

As though his breaks didn’t fail,

As though there was a chance he could come back.

Everything looks the same,

As though nothing had changed.

Everything is in the same place.

The only thing missing?

Him in his favorite chair.


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