This is the first chapter of yet another story I am working on. Hopefully y’all like it. Should I keep posting more of this story and Glitch on this website?

“Mikhail! Mikhail, do something!”

All around us, the lights flickered on and off, on and off; the beeping unceasing.

We rushed and ran all about, pressing buttons and pulling levers.

Nothing worked.

Next to me, my second in command was slowly bleeding to death.

“I’m doing all I can, Commander! It won’t stop!”

“Then try harder! Blair, go to the Power Deck! See if you can find the Maintenance Access! Jamison, get your ass down to the Airlock Deck ASAP! Get masks and extra tanks for everyone! Go! Now!” I snarled, dropping to my knees by Bremer’s side, trying to keep pressure on his neck wound while Mikhail furiously dug through his bag.

“What are you looking for?!” I demanded, shooting a nervous glance at my oldest friend form The Academy as he lay unconscious on the floor.

“Something that will seal the wound! All my more advanced medical equipment was in the Storage Deck, but that’s gone now!”

I cursed under my breath, trying my best to lean as far as I could without removing my hand from Bremer’s neck in order to pull the emergency lever again.

“What about any of the older medicines? It won’t matter if it doesn’t heal instantly, because unless I can get back to the Control Room, we’re all as good as dead anyway.”

Mikhail pulled a glass vial from his bag along with a syringe, looking grim.

“This’ll have to do. You can move your hand now.”

I did as he said, shooting him a dubious glance.

“You sure you got this?”

He rolled his eyes but waved me along.

“Yeah, now go see if you can call for help, or get us to crash land. Go.”

I nodded and jumped to my feet, running out of the Conference Room and bumping into Blair on my way to the Control Room.

“It was all destroyed! One of the Servers’s collapsed and half of the room is on fire! Tried to put it out but it won’t work. Even if you manage to crash land us we’ll be dead for sure!”

I pushed him towards the Conference Room.

“That’s for me to decide! Now get to Mikhail, see if he needs help! If Jamison isn’t there in five minutes, look for him.” And with that, I turned around and kept running.

The second I reached the Control Room, I sent out another distress call, but as I looked out the window in front of me, I knew we were done for.

It was a black hole.

It kept trying to pull us in, and under normal circumstances, the spaceship would be strong enough to resist the pull, but after being hit with all the debris and meteors, the ship had lost way too much power. The black hole was slowly but surely pulling us in.

“Mayday, mayday! This is Commander Mayson Jamison from Special Ops sector 13, under command of Chief Commander Gabriel Soto. We are being pulled into a black hole. I repeat, we are being pulled in! All power is lost past the Power Deck and the shield is down. Oxygen levels are decreasing and Captain Rylan Bremer from Special Ops sector 13 is in need of medical attention. Dragonfly will be lost! Do you copy?”

I only had to wait for a few seconds before there was a reply.

“Dragonfly, this is The Academy Headquarters. We copy. Again, state your name and rank along with those of your crew. Your families will be notified of your loss and great sacrifice.”

I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath.

“Commander Mayson Jamison, Captain Rylan Bremer, General Simon Blair, Admiral Harrison Jamison, and Doctor Mikhail Ryan. All part of Special Ops sector 13, under the command of Chief Commander Gabriel Soto from The Academy.”

“Understood. Thanks for your great service and your sacrifice will not be in vain.”

I squeezed my eyes shut.

“Glad to be of service, sir.”

No answer.

The only sound was static and the erratic beeping all around me.

They were gone.

The whole conversation must have taken less than five minutes.

I kept my eyes closed for another ten seconds, counting them down, before taking another deep breath and making my way down to the Common Room.

Once there, I found my crew all sitting side by side, having already given up trying to take back control of the ship. We were losing too much power too fast, and they knew it was all in vain. It was only a matter of time before we lost all control completely.

They all shot to their feet the second they caught sight of me, but I waved them down, moving to sit down between my baby brother and his best friend, the latter who shot me a shaky smile.

“Did they respond?” Blair asked me hopefully, his eyes full of fear.

I nodded grimly.

“What did they say?”

I shook my head.

“They thanked us for our service and informed me that our families would be notified.”

Blair choked out a sob.

Mikhail shot him a glare.

“Do not cry. You were taught better than that. This was meant to be and there is nothing more for us.”

I had to admit it, Mikhail was the best for the job, cold and precise, he never showed any emotion during a mission. It was good that he was here. He would help keep the others calm, even though that was my job.

“Listen to him, General. We did what was asked of us and that is all we could have prayed to do. You need to know that. We will be dead in less than ten minutes. Be proud of your accomplishments and make peace with yourself.”

I didn’t mean that, though. No, I was only saying what I was taught to say. I was only saying what was expected of me to say.

Truth is, I wanted nothing more than to break down and cry right along with him, to sob and pout and claim life was unfair, but I couldn’t, because I was their leader. I was expected to be calm and collected and proud.

I was expected to be unfeeling.

Just then, the ship shook, throwing us all off balance and all the beeping stopped.

Harrison grabbed my hand and squeezed tight.

“Don’t let go,” he whispered, turning his wild eyes my way.

I nodded.

I could see the black hole looming before us, dark and empty.

“It was a pleasure serving with you, gentlemen.”

The last thing I remembered was everything going black and my brother’s hand being ripped from mine.


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