Yet another flash fiction piece…

Marissa was late, as usual.

In her defense, it hadn’t been her fault; she hadn’t meant to wake up late, or to miss the bus.

But she had, so now she had to walk, no matter how far away she had to go.

She really hated her destination. Why couldn’t she go somewhere else?

She was miserable, and no one seemed to notice. Or maybe they did, but they just didn’t care.

That seemed to be the case lately. Her husband, her kids, her sister. No one.

She felt so alone, like there was no way out. Like there was no one there.

She closed her eyes for a moment before opening them away.

Something in her eyes had changed.

There was a new light that hadn’t been there before.

Marissa didn’t even think about it, she just turned around and walked on the opposite direction, not knowing where she was going; not caring where she was going.

She knew she would come back; knew that she wouldn’t be gone forever.

Heck, she wouldn’t be gone for a long time, but she just wanted some time alone, some free time.

She wanted to leave, to know she had the choice.

So now, with a smile on her face, she kept on walking, her head raised high as she strode down the road, past her home, past her life, and towards freedom.


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