Amelia’s Birthday

Another short story.

“So how was your day?” dad asked me as soon as I got in the front seat of the car.

“Alright” I replied in a monotone voice.

Dad sighed but let it go.

“How about you, Braden?” dad asked my 14-year old brother, who was three years younger than me.

“Same as Amelia’s, I guess… Well, Jacob invited me to his place on Friday to play some video games>” Brady volunteered.

Dad smiled wide, causing me to roll my eyes.

“Yay, the freak is making friends!” I muttered under my breath, but judging by the glare dad sent my way, I’m guessing he heard.

“What about you, Amelia? You want to invite anyone over?” Dad wondered in a hopeful tone.

“No” I snapped at him.

We were quiet for the rest of the ride home.

As soon as we reached home, I jumped out of the car and slammed the door before rushing inside.

I didn’t stop until I reached the kitchen.

The cake she baked for my birthday three days ago was still on the table, since no one had the heart to throw it away.

I felt my eyes fill with unshed tears.

She was just going to buy candles, none of this was supposed to happen. That STOP sign shouldn’t have been stolen, that truck driver should have made the stop. She wasn’t supposed to die.

I heard my dad and brother walk inside, but I just kept staring at our white kitchen table with mom’s homemade cake with a knife next to it. We hadn’t even gotten to cut it.

I heard Brady sigh, and next thing I know, he’s pulling me in for a hug. Dad stared at the two of us with a sad expression on his face before he, too, moved in to hug us close, and the three of us stared at that cake, the only thing mom had left behind.


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