So I’m going to post a bunch of short stories I wrote years ago because… I feel like it. I keep forgetting I have an account on this website so that’s why I don’t post much. Anyway, yeah. Here’s one of them.


That’s what Nick wanted to reply when people asked him how he was feeling.

He felt alone.

And he hated the way everyone treated him as if he would snap at any second.

He just wanted everything to go back to normal.

To be able to go back to that park with Audrey, and sit on their bench, the same one they sat on every single time they went to that God-awful park he hated so much, but that Audrey loved for some crazy reason.

But he knew they wouldn’t be going there any time soon, at least not with Audrey.

She was gone; she had been taken from him during that storm. She had been on her way to his house when the hail started coming down full-strength. It had broken her windshield and she lost control of the vehicle. She had crashed into that tree a few feet from their bench, the one that provided them shadow during sunny days, and shelter during rainy days. She had crashed a few minutes away from his house, and he had heard the crash, but thought nothing of it at that time. Not until Audrey didn’t show up and she wouldn’t pick up her phone. That’s when he made the connection. He ran outside and followed the sirens. She was still alive when he had gotten there, and he had rushed to her side and held on to her hand. She had died a few minutes after he arrived, and everyone present had claimed that it had been as if she had been waiting for him, waiting to see him one last time. Then she was gone. There had been nothing he, or anyone for that matter, could have done, at least according to the paramedics. He disagreed, thinking he could had offered to drive her, or gone to her house instead.

Nick couldn’t take it anymore, couldn’t take it when he felt so guilty.

And the looks people gave him? He hated them. Both the looks and the people who delivered them.

But he would end this nonsense.

He would make it right.

He would be with his Audrey once more.

He left the note on the table, knowing his roommate, Danny, would find it.

The he grabbed the picture he loved so much, the one of him and Audrey on that bench, hiding in the shadows of their tree.

He grabbed the gun.

He would be alone no more.

He pulled the trigger.


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