Regret“ by A Lady in Waiting

Gazing at the quaint street below, Nick watches couples come and go.

Kids are playing with a soccer ball.

He remembers the flea market open for the weekend in Long Island City.

He lazily says “We should go.”

Nick turns toward the empty bed. He remembers now, that she’s gone.


Okay, so there was a post by THE DAILY POST that encouraged you to choose one of the fifty-word stories that were submitted to them and just write either about them or continue them, and I thought I’d give it a shot. This one was the one that I chose and here is what I wrote.

You see, nobody but him knew this, but she was truly something else.

She loved Mondays, but hated Tuesdays.

She loved sushi, but hated fish.

She wore different colored socks, because she said they reminded her of the rainbow.

She preferred being alone over a crowd, but hated being left by herself with only her thoughts.

She hated going shopping, but loved getting new clothes.

She owned more books than she did clothes.

She hated having holes in her socks, but refused to buy new ones.

She preferred the left side of the bed, but somehow always managed to end on the right.

She cried over books so much that he had taken to leaving tissue boxes all over his apartment.

She was terrified during scary movies, yet she watched them anyway.

She loved flea markets, but almost never went.

She went crazy whenever Nick would laugh mid joke and would always manage to mess it up, but she would laugh anyway.

She couldn’t stand Nick’s family, but she loved him anyway.

She loved life, but took her own.

Nick offered to take her to the flea market, but she was long gone.


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