My Baby


So I took my pitbul girl to get spayed a few days ago, and let me just tell you, it was horrible. The second I handed her to the lady that worked there, and Keeba (my pitbul) started whining and trying to hide behind me, I just broke down. And the day that Keeba had to spend at the clinic was just really depressing. I kept expecting her to just pop out of nowhere and jump on my bed, or just push me when she walked by.

Okay, here’s the thing about my dog: she’s my baby. Seriously, she’s like my child. She is super spoiled and we keep her inside. She’s got so many nicknames, I can’t even keep track. She’s my baby, so just having her spend the night at the clinic was horrible! Haha, my mom made fun of me, but oh, well.

Now Pancha (one of her many nicknames) is back home and snoring away in her cage as I type (she snores louder than my dad).

So I’m happy.

Haha, yeah. That is all.

(Yes, she does steal my bed from time to time, like the picture shows…)


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