Another book to add to my list…

Favourite Worlds

Title: Virals

Author: Kathy Reichs

Narrator: Cristin Milioti


Virals is a teen thriller/sci-fi full of energy, plot twists, and southern accents. I was expecting a run-of-the-mill teen sci-fi, but Kathy Reichs surpassed my expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed her novel, and it even distracted me from my homework (oops). Virals is about a group of smart teens in the southern United States.  Their parents work at a research centre in the middle of nowhere, and they live on an island with 30 houses. Talk about a small community.  They attend an elite private school, full of the rich and privileged on scholarship.

These smart misfits explore the research campus, to visit monkeys and wolf-dogs.  During their visit, they find an old army dog tag. This find takes them on an adventure full of larceny, B&E’s, cute puppies, super powers, mystery on a grand scale, and near-death experiences (not necessarily…

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