Revived. An atypically-typical YA fic

Another book!

Favourite Worlds

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Title: Revived

Author: Cat Patrick

As you’ve likely noticed, I read a lot of YA, particularly YA sci-fi. This is more because books that are “exciting” are increasingly geared towards the general YA audience, and less because I like reading about vampires, werewolves, and sparkles everywhere. I legitimately enjoy the genre (brain candy is great! But don’t forget to also think your daily five..) , but I do get tired of the love triangle. Profoundly so. It was good in Twelfth night, but there were other circumstances making that one…..better (I have an issue with a triangle with only two sides. That is not the definition of a triangle. But I digress). It was refreshing watching a couple find and enjoy themselves (and go through tough times too! All is not sunshine and roses! Real life happens!)

As per YA usual, the protagonist is young, female…

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