Book of A thousand Days

yet another book to add to my list. Anyone else?

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Book of a thousand days

I seem to be reading books based only on their covers or authors and before actually reading their descriptions.  This was one of those books.  I loved the Books of Bayern series (see Goose Girletc.etc.etc.) and I was intrigued by the title, thinking that it might be an Arabian-nights type of tale (I was mistaken, it is not).  It was a great read, however!

Loosely based on a Grimm tale that I haven’t read myself (the tale of Maid Maleen), this is a story about loyalty and love.

Dashti is a Mucker, and comes from the steppes where she and her family lived off the land and their animals.  This book is a record of her tale, written as a journal. Dashti becomes a lady’s maid, and pledges her loyalty to Lady Saren.  Saren, as her father’s youngest daughter, has been pledged in betrothal to…

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