Destination: Crazy Town

Hey, long time so see, right?

Anyway, yes. This is a rant. I’m not even sure who, if anyone, is reading this. But to be honest, I just need to rant for a few seconds.

Okay, so my family is pretty darn crazy. I feel (like many people my age, I’m sure) like I’m being suffocated. My mom is a bit hysterical and my older sister is neurotic (both of which are bad on the same level), and my little sister is on the verge of becoming a serial killer (and to be honest, I’m pretty sure I might become her first victim in the not too far away future). My dad is the only sane one in the family. And before you say then just leave home, I can’t. I’m Mexican, so I have to stick with the Mexican traditions and cultures whether I want to or not. So that is what is pissing me off. I mean, I guess it wouldn’t piss me off if my friends weren’t criticizing all the time, judging me for not leaving home to go to college, or getting driven around by my parents. I personally don’t mind it, because let’s be honest here: I have the rest of my life to do all those things by myself, but who knows for how much longer I will have my parents. But since people in my hometown were brought up differently than I was, with different ideals and morals, then they think that somehow it’s okay to criticize others for not being the same.

But I mean, it’s not like I want to be stuck here for the rest of my life! I want to go out there to the real world, get a job, meet a nice guy… I just don’t have the luxury of doing so just yet.

(By the way, I would totally not complain if the nice guy I met was Italian. Just saying.)


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