Do It For Yourself, Not For Others

I don’t understand people. What is so wrong with reading? Now it’s all about watching the movie or just having someone else tell you the whole story instead of reading it yourself.

Come on! Why don’t people just read and write for the heck of it? I mean, I do, but what sucks is that I only know a handful of people who like it as well. And the rest? They look down on us for it. Which is real stupid and demeaning for us, but ugh. Seriously, get it together, people. There is nothing wrong with writing!

Like for example, we’re starting a literary journal in my school to help out students with their English skills for the EOC, and you know what happens? We have to get the principal to give out prices and extra points in order to get more kids to submit things. Seriously? Come on. You should want to write because it gets you extra points! No, you should want to write because it improves your reading and writing skills, which all they do is make your life simpler later on. That’s it. No negative side effect nor spontaneous death. I promise.

Anyway, speaking of the literary magazine at my school: EEPPP! I’,m so excited about that! I’m the edit in chief, and it’s our first year, and I want it all to work out. I already know of a handful of people who are almost as excited about this as I am (emphasis on the almost). And yes, I’m a dork like that. But gosh, how I wish more people would want to be a part of this. I mean, I know of many people who would love to try and submit things to us but they’re embarrassed of what their friends will think if they find out they published something. Seriously? Come on, you don’t publish things for others, you do it for yourself. To be proud of yourself and the things you accomplished.

Ignore all the things people have you say about you publishing (unless it’s encouragements, then by all means, listen away) and pat yourself on the back.

Tell yourself, ‘I did this. This is all me, and I’m proud of it. I am proud of me‘.


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