It’s not just left and right

So my dad has this weird thing he makes me and my sisters do before crossing the street.

He makes us look in all directions. And I don’t just mean left and right. I mean, literally, all directions. First left, then right, then up, then down.

Left and right I understand, I mean, there could be a frigging car speeding right towards us. It’s pretty basic, right?

But up and down? What is it, exactly, that he thinks we will see?

I mean, I guess up could be a plane plummeting straight towards us, or heck, a freaking UFO.

But down? What does he expects us to find? An unconscious person lying at our feet? A stairway to hell?

And no matter how many times I ask him what the heck goes through that mind of his, he always shoots me this look, and I can almost hear him saying, ‘how are you my daughter?‘. Almost.

So unless I want him to know I have no frigging clue why I have literally been looking in all directions before crossing the street practically my whole life, I guess I’ll never know his reasons.

But hey, someday I might actually find the stairway to hell thanks to him.

Who knows?


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