Don’t You Worry

Looking across the lake,

he wonders how it’s possible

for everything to change so much.

He can barely recognize himself anymore.

He is

No longer

The young boy

From the happy home.

He is now

The man

Who has lost

The ones he cared so much for.

His father,

his wife.

And now,

His memories.

They lay

Spread out

Before him.

He can see them,

He remembers them,

But what he cannot


Are the


That are meant

To come with them.

An empty void

Is all that’s left.

He can still hear

His father telling him

‘Don’t you worry child.

Heaven’s got a plan for you’,

But those words

Do not bring the same


They once did.

‘What’s the plan?’

He feels like

Crying out

To the skies,

Even when he knows

There will be no reply.


(Inspired by song Don’t you worry child, by sSweedish House Mafia)


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